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Jayden (Transposition of the Great Arteries)

Jayden was born September 20th 2004. At the time of his birth, we had no idea he had a heart condition. He was born blue and had difficulty breathing. Dr. Michael Brumund was able to diagnose Jayden with Transposition of the Great Arteries. In other words blue blood was going to his body and red blood was going to his lungs, his pulmonary artery and his Aorta were backwards. He was also born without a hole in his heart that would have allowed his blood to mix. The situation at the time was critical and he was rushed from Women’s Hospital in Baton Rouge to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. The next day Jayden would undergo a heart cauterization that would create a hole in his heart allowing his blood to mix. Two weeks after his birth, Jayden would undergo major heart surgery reversing his Pulmonary Artery and his Aorta.

Fifteen minutes after surgery Jayden had complete heart failure. He was placed on Ecmo, where he would remain for the next five days. He began to hemorrhage while he was being weaned off of Ecmo. He had no pulses and very low vital signs over the next several weeks. He would experience kidney failure and massive fluid buildup in his lungs. He also experienced a pneumothorax and had to have pleurodesis done to both sides of his lungs multiple times. At times, Jayden was on every form of life support available. He remained on a respirator for the first six weeks of his life.

Jayden eventually made enough progress to be transferred to Baton Rouge for feeding issues. By the grace of God Jayden was sent home with his mother, father, brother and sister on December 16th 2004. He is currently living a very normal life. He sees Dr. Brumund twice a year and is on no medications.

Our family went through a very difficult time for the first several months of Jayden’s life. But through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and some very good heart doctors in Louisiana, Jayden is home and loving life.