In August 2013, during our 20-week ultrasound, we received the devastating news that Miley Grace had a congenital heart defect (a complete septal wall defect) that would require surgery soon after birth.  Once meeting with the pediatric cardiologist in Baton Rouge, we quickly learned that there were no pediatric cardiovascular surgeons in Baton Rouge!!  With advice from Dr. Hixon, we decided that Boston Children’s Hospital was the best option for Miley Grace to have open-heart surgery.   Traveling out of state means leaving your home, your jobs, and the possibility of leaving other children behind.  This is overwhelming and a strain for any family.  That is where LPCF was a huge relief.  We were awarded a travel grant, which helped relieve some of the financial burden of our travel to Boston.   LPCF was also there for emotional support through the end of our pregnancy and during our stay in Boston.  Knowing that we had other families to lean on and pray with during this time helped carry us through that first year of Miley Grace’s life. Miley Grace is now a thriving 5-year-old.  She has yearly checkups and her heart function looks good.   

-Kim Martinez

Miley Grace Martinez.jpg