Jules was born on October 31, 2018. When I was 23 weeks pregnant, the doctors found that Jules had a rare congenital heart defect called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Basically, the left side of her heart did not form. We were devastated. But, after lots of research and advice from our doctors, Jules could live with this. It would not be easy and there would be a minimum of  3 open heart surgeries but if she was strong enough she could survive. Jules was born at Woman's hospital in Baton Rouge via C-section due to the risk of her heart. She was immediately taken from us and had IVs and different things done to her to keep her alive until her first surgery. The day after she was born, she was taken via helicopter to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. On November 6th, Jules had the Norwood-Sano Open heart surgery. She endured a 12 hour surgery in order to stay alive. Her aorta was only 2mm wide and the smallest the surgeon had ever seen. Jules stayed at CHNOLA for 38 days and also underwent a surgery to insert a G tube in order for us to feed her and give her medicines. Jules had her second surgery in April called the Glenn. We are awaiting her 3rd surgery, the Fontan.  Jules is thriving and is a happy beautiful baby girl by the grace of God. 

The grant was so wonderful for us. We received the grant when Jules was going through surgery and it allowed us to be with her at the hospital and not worry about the bills piling up at home. We are so grateful for LPCF and what they do for CHD families.

-Kerrin Tanksley