About Us - Louisiana Pediatric Cardiology Foundation

About Us

The mission of the Louisiana Pediatric Cardiology Foundation (LPCF) is to provide support to families of children suffering from cardiac disease.  LPCF’s primary focus is to meet financial needs resulting from a child suffering with congenital heart defects and cardiac-related illnesses. Five broad categories of need have been identified:

Costs Incurred from Inpatient Hospitalization

Baton Rouge does not have a pediatric cardiovascular surgeon, so most of the children from this area undergo surgical repair in New Orleans or Boston. These stays can last from a few days to several months. Many of these families are young without adequate financial resources.

Support for Children with Complex Cardiac Defects

Some of these defects have been identified as having a higher repair success rate when corrective surgery is performed at a center of excellence that specializes in that specific type of heart problem. These sites are often out-of-state tertiary care locations, subjecting a family to undue financial burdens. Without special assistance, some children are not able to have these procedures performed in centers of excellence, and are therefore subjected to a lower surgical survival rate.

Assist in Covering Expenses

LPCF assists families by covering expenses related to inpatient hospital stays in Baton Rouge, as well as medically necessary items that are not covered by third party payors, such as home oxygen, prescription co-payments, and CPR lessons.

Advance the Practice of Pediatric Cardiology

By providing state of the art equipment and education, LPCF strives to advance the practice of pediatric cardiology in the identified region.

Heart Screenings

LPCF offers free heart screens to student athletes in an effort to detect underlying cardiac issues, specifically Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which is a thickening of the heart muscle.

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