St. Thomas More Heart Screening

  • St. Thomas More Heart Screening

    11/15/14 9:00 am

    LPCF is proud to announce their newest partnership with the St. Thomas More Cougars! We will be making our first visit to their campus on Saturday, Nov. 15th to provide FREE heart screenings for all athletes.

    Thank you Principal Richard Lavergne and Kim Broussard (Athletic Director) for making player safety a top priority.

  • St. Amant Heart Screening

    11/1/14 9:00 am

    LPCF will be making its second trip out to St. Amant High School on Saturday, Nov. 1st. This time we will be scanning all Winter Season Sports. Thank you Scott Arceneaux, Head Athletic Trainer, and the St. Amant Athletic Department for letting us use your facilities to provide FREE heart screens.